Felines . . .

Felines . . .  originally uploaded by Christy

Cat's name: Persephone 

Human's name: Christy

Length of cohabitation: We met last year and have been friends since

How you came to live with each other: On a very spontaneous day, my friend and decided to go to the animal shelter just to take a look around. We both fell in love with a pair of kittens who had just arrived at the shelter for a second time. They came in together and we thought, why not get both of them? So we did :)

Favorite shared activity: playing with string

Tell us about this photo: I was taking a portrait and had this image in my mind for a while. While taking it though, she was a great sport and posed in many different ways for about 20 takes!

What you love most about your cat (or cats in general): Their sophistication, their complexity, and the mysterious way they get people to want their approval as a friend. Purring on my lap is nice too.

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MrsLittleJeans said...

Adorable...what a great name and what fun activities!