365 days # 51 12/21 Cat on a flashing tin roof

365 days # 51 12/21 Cat on a flashing tin roof, originally uploaded by randeclip

Cat's name: Yasmin

Human's name: Al

Length of cohabitation: 3½ years?

How you came to live with each other: She just showed up one day. I work in a municipal garage and this little black kitten just appeared one day. She was alone and hungry. There were a few guys who just wanted to get rid of her but the majority wanted to keep her. Fortunately our city's animal control officer and my boss's boss loved her and the idea of having her around. We got her a license and we keep up with all her shots and had her fixed. She is our “Motorpool Kitty”!

Favorite shared activity: For her- eating! For me- every now and again she sneaks up on me when I'm working on something, just to check out what's going on.

Background info about photo: This was taken the last work day before Christmas. There was a pizza-holiday-party-lunch hosted by the mayor. It was fun. It is rare that that my whole department gets together for a good reason. Usually it’s for hurricanes or some other catastrophe. This was nice. Lots of hugs and hand shakes. And pizza. No chainsaws. 

What you love most about your cat: She is always there somewhere- it's her shop, we just work there!

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: I try not to take too many cat pictures, but sometimes she won't take “no” for an answer!

Favorite animal charity: PETA (I am a member)


Leslie F. Miller said...

What a great shot, and I love the interview. I never want to fave a cat shot, but sometimes I can't resist. It's the humans that make this shot, though.

Babette said...

Very cool photo. :D