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Cat's name: Mabel

Human's name: Babette

Length of cohabitation: 7 years

How you came to live with each other: Before Mabel and Tigger (yes, we have another cat) we had three other cats. After they had all died of old age, we found it to be very quiet in the house. We've always loved and had cats so we thought that it was time to find some new friends. A friend of us called that a friend of them had had a new litter. We went over and took a look. They were all cute and lovely but one definitely stood out (partly because he's complete black). It was Mabel. He was quiet and kind and so unlike his character (he's shy and witholding) he sat peacefully on my lap the entire time we where there, while all the other cats were being busy and playful. I believe it clicks so well between us partly because we are much alike.

Favorite shared activity: Goofing and playing around together

Tell us about this photo: He's very hard to photograph. Normally he teasingly runs away with a look that says "Haha, try and photograph me if you can!" So I grabbed him and held him in front of the camera. "You can't escape now, buddy!"

What you love most about cats: They are a personality. And they're all independent, they just stay with you because they like you. 

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: Because they're a beautiful and daily part of my life .

Favorite animal charity: Pantera 

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Megan said...

Dear Babette,

Mabel is so cute! This is our cat as pet of the day http://whiskerkissesmews.blogspot.com/2010/01/featured-pet.html They have a similar expression, being gorgeous is hard work, and all those photos!