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Cats' names: Skittles (black) and Nacho (orange)

Humans' names: Courtney (me) and Chet (fianceƩ)

Length of Cohabitation: Skittles: 2 years; Nacho: 1 year

How you came to live with each other:
Skittles: My friend Carri was visiting from MA and wanted to get a cat to take home with her. When she got back from the shelter she had told me all about the cute little babies they had including a really whiney cat. The next day, Chet and I decided to go check things out, not expecting to really take anyone home-- but rather play with the kittens that were there and then go about our way. Then we saw him: All alone in his cage there was a little black kitty with the bluest eyes meowing like his life depended on it. At that instant we fell in love. Unfortunately we didn't have the money on us at the time but we came back the following day and he was still there! He has since grown 10 fold and is the cuddliest, sassiest kitty I have ever known.

Nacho: Skittles would get restless by himself when Chet and I weren't home, so we thought it would be best to get a friend for him, so, we went to the Richmond SPCA in search of a new kitty. First I saw a kitten named Chuck that I fell in love with from the start. He was the sweetest kitten and the same age as Skittles too. However, we wanted to keep looking around. Bad move. When we came back to get him, he basically got adopted in front of my eyes. My heart was broken and I did cry some. At first I really didn't want to get another cat anymore, but they showed us Nacho (Frank at the time) and he was so sweet and playful, I knew he would be a great match and now the two get along just like brothers! 

Favorite shared activity: Skittles: Cuddling; Nacho: playing fetch

Tell us about this photo: I am a photography major at VCU and it was our second semester of studio lighting. My mom had asked for a picture of Chet and I but I didn't really have any that I thought were good so I decided to take one myself! The first attempt was unsuccessful, and my teacher tried to persuade me to try something else. However, I was determined to get it right and I did!

What do you love most about your cats?
I love how sassy Skittles is and how cuddly and soft he is. I could hug him all day long. Nacho is terribly affectionate-- he wants to be loved every minute of every day which is perfect because I love loving kitties. He is also the cutest sleeper!

How or why do you incorporate cats in your photography:
I think cats are such interesting creatures. They are mysterious and sleek, and I always feel like they see something that no one else can. Its difficult for me to put into works the otherworldliness that felines possess.

Favorite animal charity: Richmond SPCA

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