Velcome To Our Pawty

Velcome To Our Pawty, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Cat's Name: Dede (full name: Deanna Troy)

Humans' names: Christie Bahlai and John Gerrath

Length of cohabitation: 12 years (with Christie)

How you came to live with each other: Dede came from an animal rescue organization as a kitten and as Christie puts it, she was a summer divorce gift from her mother!

Favourite shared activity: spooning

Tell us about this photo: Christie and John wanted me to take a portrait of them to commemorate their marriage and to put on thank you cards. However, they wanted something quirky that suited their personalities.There was a real natural flow to the composition with both parties suggesting items that would enhance it's quirkiness. John's cardigan and Christie's glasses are critcal to the photo. Christie insisted that they pose in front of the old organ in the background; a nice touch. Dede was an add-on in the latter part of the shoot.

What you love about cats in general: their very distinctive personalities and of course, they're great companions.

How or why do I incorporate cats into my photography: because cats are often elusive animals, they skulk about never really wanting you to know where they're going. Including one in a photograph adds a sense of mystery. 

Favourite Animal Charity: Guelph Humane Society

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