Me and Sophie

Me and Sophie, originally uploaded by ~*Leah*~
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Cat's name: Sophie

Human's name: Leah

Length of cohabitation: 3 months

How you came to live with each other: I adopted her from a no-kill shelter called Operation Kindness

Favorite shared activity: Lying around and reading

Tell us about this photo: I just wanted to take a picture to introduce Sophie to my internet friends. I feel this picture captures her curiosity and her beauty.

What you love most about your cat (or cats in general): They are so loving and affectionate. I really appreciate their companionship. They have such distinct personalities. I love coming home to them and talking about our day :) My kitties are talkers!

Favorite animal charity: Operation Kindness
They are a no- kill animal shelter. They have a wonderful cat room and cat porch that the cats can roam around in (as long as they are healthy and comfortable with other cats) so that they do not have to stay in cages. The people that work and volunteer there are very loving and work hard to better the situation of animals in the community.


Clorivak said...

Beautiful!!! I looove this blog, just discovered it this second. Just Awesome.

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