Night Life in Montreal

Night life in Montreal, originally uploaded by arcoirisito.

Cat's name: Mingus (after Charlie Mingus), a.k.a. Mingy

Human's name: France

Length of cohabitation: 15 years in Montreal with me and his two other feline companions, Biscotte and Nougat.

How you came to live with each other: Mingus had been probably hit by a car when he was a few months old and was put up for adoption by a veterinary clinic where he was abandoned. The technician told me he probably would not walk again. I decided to take him in anyway. After a few days, he was hopping on my bed and started to walk again. After a week, he was running up and down the aisles like any kitten would. Unfortunately, when he reached the age of 8 or 9, he started developing muscle spasms in his hind leg where he was injured as a kitten. He occasionally will lose control of his bladder when he feels this uncontrollable pain. Poor baby!

Favorite shared activity: snuggling and sleeping

Tell us about this photo: It was for a photo challenge - the theme was "Night Life." I just don't go out like I used to, so I took this self portrait of myself to show how I spend my Saturday evenings. You can check the time on the alarm clock 10:30 PM. Mingus always jumps on my bed the minute I get ready for sleep. He spoons with me and when I wake up in the morning he is still there. In this photo he is just staring at me in a strange way because he can't lick my face as he usually does when I go to bed.

What you love most about your cat: Mingus is very affectionate - he always knows how I feel and is there for me whether I feel happy or sad. He is extra affectionate when I am sad. He also loves to lick my face every day. He will lick it fiercely and end up nibbling my nose or my ears which sometimes hurts. But I forgive him ...

Anecdote: I picked up my cat around 50 km away from Montreal after he ran away from home. He does not usually go outside and I did not notice it until the next morning. I put up posters in my neighbourhood because I could not find him. Someone called me after seeing my poster and left me a message on my answering machine advising me to check our two animal shelters every second day (which I did) and to check the lost and found ads in every single newspaper. I proceeded to check the daily newspaper every single day for two weeks with no luck. I was crying every day because I missed him so much. After two weeks, I noticed a free local weekly which had been lying on my desk at work for 15 days. Lo an behold there was my cat in one the of the lost and found ads (which are usually free the first day). A nurse who worked the night shift at the local hospital almost ran him over and brought him home which was about 50 km away from Montreal. I picked him up as soon as her schedule allowed for it. Mingus and I have not been separated since that episode except for my yearly vacation where he is left in the very good hands of my neighbour. I hope that by reading this story, someone has the good fortune of being reunited with their loved one should they be unfortunate enough to lose him or her. Had it not been for that total stranger who left that message on my answering machine, I would have never thought of looking through the lost and found ads and I would have never found my baby. I can say Mingus has 9 lives and he has used a few already.

Favorite Animal Charity: Fauna Foundation

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