Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World, originally uploaded by Jutilda.
Cat's Name: Rose
Human's Name: Judy
Length of Cohabitation: 12 years
How you came to live together: Rose was adopted at the Williamson County Humane Society in 1997 as a ktten. I first checked her out and then went back with my then 9 year old son. We had a favorite character in the Pinkerton series of books by James Marshall, and a particular orange tabby in A Rose for Pinkerton looked very much like her. He took one look and wanted to bring her home. And that was that.
What you love about your cat: Rose is very vocal and talks to me almost like a person. She is always a novelty to those who I let "speak" with her on the telephone. :~) 
Favorite Animal Charity: We give to several charities and I am an avid member of the World Wildlife Federation. I sometimes sponsor cats and dogs through rescue organizations in our area as well. I have a chow/retriever mix, Tank (also featured prominently in my portfolio) who I adopted from Mix Breed Rescue, and he and Rose are quite the buddies. They nap and hang out together, unaware that their opposing species don't always have admiration for one another. Both he and Rose are quite calm and model often for me but usually in a candid situation. I love Rose's emerald green eyes and one black whisker.

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