Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon, originally uploaded by Kidayo

Cat's name: Shoyru

Human's name: Jolanda

Length of cohabitation: 3 yrs

How you came to live with each other: i really wanted a fluffy cat, my favourites are Maine coons, this little pink creature is a mix between 3 furry species : ) i found him on the internet, then picked him up the next day *little secret, i was not allowed to have cats in my studenthome, but he lived there with me for 2 months* then i bought the home featured on the picture!

Favorite shared activity: watching tv with a cup of tea, and of course, shoyru is sleeping on my lap.

Tell us about this photo: i wanted to make a clone-shot, and he kept on walking in during the shoot. so i decided that if he really wanted to be in the shot, he was allowed to!

What you love most about your cat: I have got 3 cats, and they're all 3 completely different, Shoyru just loves to cuddle all the time, that's what i like the most about him.

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography:
Like i said, it was not my choice, he decided he should be in the shot :)

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