Too much work and no play . . .

Cat's name: Chick-O

Human's name: Mehdy

Length of cohabitation: 16 days

How you came to live with each other: That's quite a long story, and English is not my first language but I'll try: I've always had cats. My first one passed away a few month ago at the age of 25 years old. He spent his last months sleeping in my bed. So I really felt strange when he suddenly disappeared . . . I have other cats we rescued from the street, but I didn't see them grow (up).  I just feel like there isn't the same "bond" between us. So I decided to get another kitty, just to be my new best friend. And that's how Chicko entered my home. His name is a kind of tribute to Chick Corea - one of the greatest jazz pianist ever , and one of the people that influences my way of playing music everyday :)

Favorite shared activity: Watching TV. ( I watch TV, he plays with my shoes)

Tell us about this photo: I had an awful day at work. I was just feeling brainwashed. When I took the shot, Chicko was jumping to get in the way... so I took him on my shoulder. In the end, I thought he was just like a little surrealstic touch to the shot. 

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: He just incorporates himself in my photography :-)

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