Chairman Jonah with Madam Meow, originally uploaded by Jake & Micah
website: Jake & Micah

Cat's name:
Jonah (Joan Bear)

Human's name: Mei

Length of cohabitation: 8 months

How you came to live with each other: After the sudden passing of our beloved cat Micah we weren’t sure how or when we’d be ready for a new cat. Our older cat Jake was terribly lonely so it was decided a month later that it was time. I knew I wanted another Siamese so I put the word out to several rescue organizations. Just as I was about to give up I received an email with a link to his story and photo. I knew immediately that he was the one. We had to wait 2 whole days for the shelter he was being held at to re-open, then we rushed down and adopted him right away. He was terribly shy at first but every day he becomes more and more outgoing.

Favorite shared activity: Taking him outside to explore the backyard or sleeping in with him in the morning. He also likes to just hang out right next to me on the couch while we watch t.v.

Tell us about this photo: I was hoping to get portraits of myself with each of the cats. That is easier said than done of course. I like the way this one turned out because it’s not your run of the mill “cat with human” portrait. Jonah is the focal point and I especially like that.

What you love most about your cat: Jonah has the silliest personality that perfectly matches his quirky appearance. He has one floppy ear, crossed eyes, vampire fangs and ants in his pants. He is the most playful cat I’ve ever known. You can’t help but smile when you look at him. He’s simply adorable. 

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: Cats are perfect for photographing. I take photos of my cats every day and I photograph cats during all my travels. Esthetically they’re enchanting and the camera just loves their beauty, grace and full range of expressions.

Favorite animal charity: Best Friends Animal Society 


Laura said...

Pawsome interview with a very handsome mancat!

renovia said...

We love all the cats at Jake and Micah - especially Jonah!

Stoli and Luxor!

MUSE said...

I love that photo! Absolutely classic and frameworthy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo!

Sandy, Toni, Rusty, Neko and Eleanore