Watching The Rain in Awe

Cat name: Godiva, Giza for short.

Human name: Kai

Length of cohabitation: About 5 years.

How you came to live with each other: Godiva is in actuality not my cat; she has chosen my mother, Janet, to be her owner. One of my sister fell in love with her when they saw her in a C.A.T.S. display at a fair, so we adopted her. Since then she has chosen my mother to be the only person who can touch her. 

Favorite shared activity: My mother and that cat enjoy reading together.

Tell us about the photo: My friend, Kai, needed a reference photo for an art project, knowing that I am into photography she came to me for the photo. After we did the shoot she decided she didn’t like the idea after all, but I enjoyed one of the photos enough to post it and write a messy story about it, this was a year or so ago.

How or why you incorporate cats in your photographs?
I love cats, they display vivid emotions and feelings and have distinct personalities. I have a strong bond with the orange tabbies in my photography, they are brother and used to follow me wherever I did my photos, meowing and jumping on my shoulders when I bent down to do macros. The short hair, Brutus, recently died of unknown causes, but the long hair, Samloughin, is still at my side for every outdoor walk.

What you love most about your cat: It is impossible for me to narrow it down, but I have formed a strong bond with Samloughlin, something between us binds us. An example of this bond is whenever Sammy hears my whistling in the air he meows noisily and runs across the whole property to find me wherever I am.

Favorite animal charity:
C.A.T.S. (Committed Alliance To Strays) C.A.T.S. is a wonderful organization for taking care of strays and finding them new homes, I volunteered there for a few months and my sister has been working there for a couple years now.

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