day two sixty six. words fall through me.

Cat: trixie (but most of the time we just call her kitty)

Human: katie lee

Length of cohab: 2 years

How it came to be: my friend's cat had kitties and we couldn't resist the little fluff ball! she had blue eyes when we first got her. and we wanted to give our dog someone to cuddle with.

Favorite shared activity: for her: sleeping on my face
for me: talking to her. i love making kitty noises and hearing her respond.

Tell us about the photo: it was taken during my one self portrait a day project. i was shooting outside and she just wandered in to the photo. i couldn't believe it - it was like she was posing for the camera.

Why incorporate cats: mostly because she insists on being in the photograph. she spends most of her time following me around like my little shadow and desperately wants to be included in whatever i'm doing. after a few times of her shoving her way into my photos, i began to come up with ideas on how to incorporate her. 

What do you love most: i Love her sassy attitude. i Love the way she goes after what she wants. and i Love the way she dominates our dogs. =)

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