Blixa and Mia

Blixa and Mia, originally uploaded by Niklas

Cat's name: Blixa

Human's name: Mia

Length of cohabitation: 4 months

How you came to live with each other: we actually bought her from a breeder who at the time sold Sphynx cats (and today only American Hairless Terriers)

Favorite shared activity: playing/cuddling with her tummy

Tell us about this photo: Mia was getting ready for the day and Blixa - as usual - climbed up the towel-warming device and didn't know how to get down properly. She does today, however. Little devil...

What you love most about your cat (or cats in general): their individuality

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: because I love them and photograph all of my family members

Favorite animal charity: Stockholms Katthem - do donate

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Mia said...

Literally seconds after this picture was taken, Blixa managed to fall down.