[365] 005

[365] 005, originally uploaded by Corie Howell

Cat's name: Emmy

Human's name: Corie

Length of cohabitation: 1 year

How you came to live with each other: A co-worker of mine at the time's cat just had an unexpected litter, and they were trying to find homes for the kittens. My boyfriend and I had just moved into a larger apartment and jumped at the chance to bring a kitten into the little family.

Favorite shared activity: She's very good at catching things mid-air so once I pick up a toy, she sits in the middle of the room and expects me to throw it at her. I usually do. For hours.

Tell us about the photo: I'm working on a 365 project, or a self-portrait a day. Emmy and our other cat are huge parts of my life so they are regulars in my photos. 

What you love most about your cats: We have two cats. Emmy was born and raised indoors, while our other cat was rescued from a scary downtown Los Angeles train station. They are COMPLETE opposites of each other, physically and emotionally. I love to watch them interact. 

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: My cats hated the camera at first, but they have grown to love it. When the studio lights come out, they are usually front and center. They are in a lot of my photos, not necessarily because I wanted them there, but because they put themselves there.

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