Cat's name: Snoopy (because she's curious, not because of the dog!)

Human names: Victoria and Jordan

Length of cohabitation: Jordan: 12 years; Victoria: 1 year

How you came to live with your cat: Jordan rescued snoopy as a kitten when he was a teenager in Ontario. When he moved to Vancouver, he had his parents fly her over - she's well travelled!

Favorite shared activity: Watching t.v. while she sits on Jordan's outstretched legs, or reading while she sits on our chests

Tell us about this photo: Although self portraits are usually of themselves personal, this one in particular is really quite special to me, in what it conveys. This is every night for us - We read our books with at least one limb or part of skin touching each other, and the cat is always overseeing - trying to guess which of the two she can get the most attention from. As soon as we hopped into bed for this photo, she immediately went to pick who's chest she could lay on.

How or why you incorporate cats in your photographs? This was purely a lucky accident.. I take pictures of her all the time, but the family portrait (as we like to call it) developed completely organically!

Favorite Animal CharityOakville Humane Society

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Clorivak said...

What a cool shot!! Love it.