Self Portrait with Roxy

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Cat's name: Roxy

Human's name: Paige

Length of cohabitation: 3 years

How you came to live with each other
After my husband and I had been married for about 9 months I started bringing up the fact that I wanted a kitty. I have wanted a cat my entire life but for one reason or another I could never have one. My husband was reluctant, but I kept bringing it up. One night I broke out in tears and told him it was all I could think about. The next day I started looking at shelters around Chicago until a couple of weeks later we found Roxy and both fell in love.

Favorite shared activity: 
Roxy comes running when I open one of those foil wrapped Dove chocolates because she knows I'll ball it up and throw it for her. Those little foil balls are all over our house.

Tell us about this photo:
This photo was in response to a self-timer self-portrait challenge on Shutter Sisters (where I am a contributor). Roxy was laying on top of a filing cabinet in my office so I used the timer on my camera and shot this. About 3 seconds after the shutter went off she batted at my head. I guess I was too close for comfort and it freaked her out.

What you love most about your cat: What I love most about Roxy is also what makes her difficult sometimes. She is very mysterious and moody. I always wonder what she's thinking. When she is being sweet, she is very sweet and affectionate. But when she is being spooky at night, watch your ankles.

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: When I first started seriously getting into photography Roxy was the subject that I practiced on daily. She was the only living being that was always around wouldn't get annoyed with me like a person would. Plus I just think she's a beautiful cat (but I might be biased).


Brenda said...

Your obvious love for her, and her for you, is quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

How lovely, you are both beautiful! So wonderful that you rescued Roxy from a shelter; I'm sure it's made both of your lives richer!
This is my first visit; I was sent by a fellow animal lover. I'll be back.

Jerry G Dawg said...

We just found your blog and wanted to say how touched we are that you were inspired by "Why We Love Cats and Dogs." Our family was featured in the show; what an honor to have been part of such an incredible documentary.

We truly love your blog, keep up the great work!

Rene, Jim & Spirit Jerry