Cat People

Cat People, originally uploaded by ej (umop ap!sdn)

Cat's name: Simon (also known as Spot, and Wonky)

Human's name: ej

Length of cohabitation: Fewer than seven days at the time this photo was taken. He's just a kitten, still!

How we came to live with one another: Well, we'd recently lost one of our cats to kidney disease. Serendipitously enough, a small family-owned pet store near my wife's workplace had recently adopted a batch of recently-weaned kittens and had put them on sale. She paid the store a visit and talked to the owners, and the following weekend our entire family went to see them and chose to take Simon home (or maybe he chose us -- you never know).

Favourite shared activity: Well, he likes to clamber up my legs when I sit at the dinner table. I'm not sure yet how happy that makes me, though! Most of the time, he can be kept happy for hours if we toss his play toys for him to chase.

Tell us about this photo: This was toward the end of my 365 Days self-portrait project. It seemed natural that with an event like a new addition to our household, I should document it. Simon was VERY easy to shoot. Every time the lens autofocus motor whirred, he'd stare right at the camera.

What you love most about your cat (or cats in general): They're independent! And most of the time, they're entertaining to have in the house.

How or why you incorporate cats in your photography: I do it because they'll let me. The humans in my house have been tending to graon when they see the camera come out, so I've given them a break. The animals are much easier victims. Or subjects.

Favorite animal charity: The Ontario SPCA. We've adopted several animals from them.


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beautiful photo, beautiful pair!

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